db68bcf0-2a38-11e1-b768-bc305bd9eec9The following attire is not allowed on the course:

T shirts – shirts with printed motif. Sleeveless and/or collarless shirts of any kind (except for ladies)
Denim jeans
Track suits, shell suits, jump suits or similar
Track suit bottoms
Trousers tucked in socks
Combat or other trouser/shorts with multiple external pockets

Clothing sold as golf clothing should normally be acceptable on the course.

Golf socks of any colour may be worn but must be visible.

Club House Dress Rules

The wearing of smart casual dress is allowed at all times, EXCEPT at club meetings, (Annual General Meetings, Extra Ordinary General Meetings), official Prize Presentations and on any occasion designated by the Management Committee, when collar, jacket and tie must be worn.

The following attire is not allowed in any part of the clubhouse:

Tank tops – sleeveless and/or collarless shirts of any kind
Track suits, shell suits, jump suits or similar
Denim jeans
Hats and caps
Golf shoes, trainers or shoes of any kind which have been worn on the course

From April 1st – September 30th inclusive, Ladies and Gentlemen may wear tailored shorts in the main lounge until 7.30pm.

Overcoats and hats must not be worn in the clubhouse at any time and should be hung in the appropriate areas.

Members and visitors are expected to be reasonably dressed at all times.

d9fb53e4-2a30-11e1-b768-bc305bd9eec9Handicap certificates

Although handicap certificates are not a pre-requisite for playing at Widnes Golf Club, all visitors are expected to understand the Rules of Golf and to comply with the Club Rules, in particular those relating to dress code and behaviour