The decision to form a golf club at Widnes was taken at a meeting in the Town Hall on 12 January 1923.

However, the members had to wait until 17 May of the following year to see the President, Dr G C Clayton,

drive off the first tee to open the 9 hole course. The delay was due to the inability of the land Trustees to conclude a quick transaction, coupled with indecision on the part of the Committee as to whether to buy or rent the land. The e deal was concluded when the United Alkali Company, later to become ICI, offered to buy the land and lease it to the club. In contrast, the clubhouse was built and occupied within three months.

Lady membership was a feature from the start, laying down the foundations for an active and supportive Ladies Section. The nearby Woolton Golf Club was influential in the foundation of Widnes as two of the main instigators, John Hardman and Dr Sam McCausland, were both Woolton members and they became the first two Widnes Captains. The professional at Woolton also helped to map out the new course on Lower House Farm and one of his assistants became the first Widnes professional. In 1925 a further 6 holes were built and by 1929 the full complement of 18 holes were in play. An extensive tree planting scheme at that time was not a success due to the unfortunate atmospheric conditions that prevailed. Sadly the green keeper’s horse, Dolly, was put down having been deemed unfit for work. Her value was removed from the Balance Sheet at a cost of £14 and when her 8 year old successor was found to be suffering from a cold the Council kindly bought a horse blanket.

The club moved into the mechanical age in 1931 with the purchase of a second-hand tractor. In 1952, having survived the ravages of the Second World War, the club was obliged to accept a loss of land when ICI sold some for housing. The 1960’s brought better fortune for the club, even if this was partly due to the misfortune of another. The closure of the Mersey Golf Club at Fiddlers Ferry when their clubhouse burnt down brought an influx of welcome new members. In 1963 negotiations were completed with Lancashire County Council for the purchase of some extra adjacent land. The new course layout was officially opened with a Pro/Am competition on 11 June 1967 and at the end of that year the Trustees of the club succeeded in completing the purchase from ICI of the freehold for the sum of £5,000. As owners of their own land the club now had the confidence to extend and refurbish the clubhouse over the ensuing years.

In 1998 the members were informed by Council of the possibility of part of the ground on which the club was

located being developed for housing and a plan was evolved with a developer to re-house the course on a new

purpose-built site to the north of the town. Sadly these plans did not come to fruition.

Widnes joined the Society of Liverpool Golf Captains when their 1969 Captain, Ray Pownall, and five Past-Captains were admitted on 20 March 1970. Their membership had been conditional on the Captains agreeing to wear red tail coats on all formal occasions, which they were happy to do. Norman Rigby was the first from Widnesto serve as Society Captain (1979/80) followed by Peter Hurst (2006/07). Norman also served as President of the Lancashire Golf Union, and Peter was elected to the role of Honorary Secretary/Treasurer of the Society in 2008.